What do I get with my eService subscription?

Your LegalShield Business Websites
In order to utilize the online member application, you must maintain a personal active membership. You can have up to seven websites depending on how you wish to set up your business. The website address is professional and custom. For example, if your login name is johnsmith, your legalshield.com recruiting and membership website address would be www.legalshieldassociate.com/hub/johnsmith. To see samples of the sites you receive with this online business package, click on the links below. A Canadian portal is available for Canada visitors.

  • HUB Website – Pick from several unique templates that fit your LegalShield business and choose which links will appear on your website.
  • CDLP Website – A website used by Associates who are CDLP qualified to market the CDLP online.
  • Recruiting & Membership Website – This site allows you to showcase the business opportunity to prospective associates as well as showing them the LegalShield Membership.
  • Membership Sales Website – This site provides detailed information about the LegalShield Plans, the “Membership”.
  • Group Services Website – (This site is only available to Associates who are Group Qualified.*)
    This site introduces the LegalShield concept to HR Directors and business owners, as well as describing what a LegalShield plan can do for their employees, and their business.
    *You can become group qualified by completing a corporate group sales training. Email Associate Services for details about becoming Group Qualified. Associates can log into “Associates Only” and click on “Training” to find a class offered in their area.
  • Business Plan Website – (This site is only available to Associates who are Business Qualified.*) This site provides an overview as well as detailed information about the LegalShield Business Plan.
    *You can become business qualified by completing a corporate business training. Email Associate Services for details about becoming Business Qualified. Associates can log into “Associates Only” and click on “Training” to find a class offered in their area.
  • Identity Theft Website - This site provides detailed information on the new Identity Theft plans in the United States and Canada.

The Recruiting & Membership site, the Membership Sales Website, Identity Theft Website, the Business Plan Website, CDLP site and the Hub site will also allow you to take memberships and Associate agreements online. If a prospect enrolls in either the opportunity or the membership, you get credit! For the first 10 memberships a month you enroll online, you will receive advanced commissions. For the 11th membership that month and forward, you will receive payment earnings.

Your Personal legalshield.com email account
You will receive one email account accessible through your existing email program (Microsoft Office, Netscape, etc…) or http://email.legalshieldassociate.com. This professional email address looks great on your business cards and gives your prospects an email address they can trust. It also allows you to dedicate a single email account to your business. This is important for professional and timely communication with your prospects.

Online Genealogy Reports
You will have access to a variety of genealogy (organizational) reports to help you keep track of your downline information.

Cutting Edge Lead Capture
An important aspect of your website will be the lead capture function. Each time a visitor enters your website, they will have multiple opportunities to contact you, ask you a question directly via email, or simply give their personal information for contact later. While your website is not a get-rich-quick sales tool, it can help you cultivate the relationships you begin by sending prospects to your site.

Monthly Connection Magazine
You will receive a monthly Connection magazine that highlights many aspects of what has happened in LegalShield in the past month, such as events, new promotions launched, and even Associate level advancements.

Legacy Online
Legacy Online is a web based software application designed to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. Your organization is presented in a resourceful "Tree View" allowing you to maneuver through the legs accessing information regarding each Associate in your organization.    

Associate Services on the Corporate website
In addition to the marketing aspects of eService, you will receive exceptional online services available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Just log in and click your way to the information and tools you need to build your business.

  • Reports (Personalized organizational info at your fingertips)
  • Area Meetings(Opportunity meetings for you and your prospective associates)
  • States and Provinces at a Glance (What plans are available in your state? All the details are here)
  • Supply Store (Your online resource to brochures, business cards and gift items plus more)
  • Executive Advisory Board (Hear inspiring stories of personal success from top leaders)
  • Corporate Events (All the annual major events for the LegalShield family)
  • Docs on Demand (The forms you need to advance your business, plus corporate news)
  • Tools (Membership verification, lead manager, Power Point presentations, banner ads)
  • The Associate Benefits Plan (Register for health and life insurance discounts, a stock bonus program, and more)
  • And a comprehensive list of your Frequently asked Questions.

(NOTE: You will have access to limited online services if you are not an eService subscriber.)