About the Club

Performance Club members are eligible to receive a variety of recognition and rewards. As you begin to build your successful LegalShield business, we believe you deserve accolades for every step forward. That's why your Performance Club recognition begins after your very first month of qualification.

Meet your monthly Performance Club requirement for the first time, and see your name proudly displayed on the LegalShield website. Meet your requirements for four consecutive months, and the rewards begin rolling your way!

Consistency is key, and your benefits will keep getting bigger and bigger!

Just earn 5 points every month!

To be a part of the Performance Club, you are required to earn a minimum of 5 points each month. You can earn points in the following manners:

recruit a new Fast Start Associate 2 point
help your new recruit Fast Start qualify 1 points
sell a membership 1 point


Cash Bonuses

Begin earning cash bonuses as early as your eighth consecutive month in the Performance Club!

At your eight-month anniversary, you will be issued a check for $150. Then when you reach your one-year anniversary, you will receive a monthly check for $300 as long as you continue to meet your monthly 5 point requirement.

consistency equals cash

4 consecutive months Performance Club BMW Key Chain
8 consecutive months $150 check [one time]
12 consecutive months $300 per month performance bonus

To be eligible to receive the 8 consecutive month Performance Club bonus, you must have a membership retention rate of at least 85%. For the purposes of qualifying for the monthly bonus at your twelfth consecutive month of Performance Club qualification, you must maintain a rolling 12-month personal retention rate of 75% or greater.


A New Car

When Performance Club members reach their 12th consecutive month in the club, they are now eligible to increase their monthly bonus to $500 if they purchase/lease a BMW 328i or another qualifying BMW. Performance Club members can receive special discounted pricing through the Associate Benefits Plan. Let's see a fleet of "personalized" LegalShield BMWs cruising across North America.


Annual Trips

Every year, LegalShield sends its top sales Associates on an exclusive trip to a fantastic destination like Cancun, Hawaii, or the Bahamas!

Consistent Performance Club qualification plays an important role in determining those invited to attend this annual trip.

Not only is this a well deserved reward for our hardworking Associates, but it's an excellent opportunity to network with other leaders from all across North America and share your stories of success.


Cash bonuses [annual trips/contributions towards car payments] are awarded to LegalShield Performance Club members for extraordinary performance. Although the Performance Club is achievable by any associate who meets the criteria for membership, the typical LegalShield associate will not qualify for Performance Club membership or a cash bonus or trip. As with any enterprise, qualification will depend upon the efforts and abilities of the associate and his or her sales team.