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Justin & Ashley Boydston Justin & Ashley Boydston
We were in performance club for about 50 months when Ashley was diagnosed with cancer. For a period of about 4 months I didn't work the business at all, I just focused on her.
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Don Ward Don Ward
It simply came down to a decision. Having always worked many hours in my full time career, I simply never took Performance Club seriously - until three years ago with...
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Kim Swindle Kim Swindle
WOW!! It is amazing to work a business and get rewarded with the opportunity to drive a BMW! I have been locked into Performance Club for 48 months and I knew when the announcement...
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Tami Horne Tami Horne
I did it, I did It!
I am so happy to inform you that not only have I worked hard to qualify for the BMW bonus, I purchased my BMW X5 a couple months ago. It's a 2003 X5...
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Cash bonuses [annual trips/contributions towards car payments] are awarded to LegalShield Performance Club members for extraordinary performance. Although the Performance Club is achievable by any associate who meets the criteria for membership, the typical LegalShield associate will not qualify for Performance Club membership or a cash bonus or trip. As with any enterprise, qualification will depend upon the efforts and abilities of the associate and his or her sales team.