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Current Employment Opportunities

For more information on the following employment opportunities, contact Human Resources at 580-272-2890.

Position Department
Member Advocate Consultant Provider Services
PS Manager Provider Services
PS Member Advocate Service Spanish Consultant Provider Services
PS Phone Consultant Provider Services
PS Referral Consultant Provider Services
Supervisor Provider Services
Consultant I Member Services
MS Support Specialist Member Services
MS Trainer Member Services
Training Specialists Member Services
E-Learning Developer Executive Offices
Clerical I- Conservation Group Services
Service Consultant 1 Group Services
IT Applications Systems Analyst II WEB Information Technology
IT Quality Assurance Specialist I Information Technology
IT Technical Support Information Technology
Web Developer I Information Technology
Website Designer I Information Technology
AS Services Consultant I & AS Services Consultant I (bilingu Associate Services
Clerical II Associate Services
Clerical I Cash Support Services
Service Consultant Electronic Support Services
SS Service Consultant 1 Group Billing Support Services
SS Service Technician 1 - Review Support Services
SS Trainer Resource Support Services
SS Trainer Resource PT Support Services
Broker Services Phone Consultant Business Solutions Services

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